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About Beehive NeedleArts

About the Bees
Beehive NeedleArts was founded in 2007 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The store is owned and operated by a Mother, three of her daughters and one daughter-in-law.  After a lifelong pursuit of the art of needlepoint, this group realized their dream of the "perfect needlepoint store."

Our Fiber Collection
Beehive NeedleArts offers over 75 different types of fiber lines to choose from for your needlepoint project. We pride ourselves in carrying every color for each fiber line we carry.  We have stitch samples for each line, please refer to these to estimate yardage needed for a given project. Our stitch samples will give you important information about coverage; number of plies, and you will be able to see how the fiber stitches over painted and non-painted areas.  All fibers are sold separately.  There are no returns or exchanges on fibers.

Our Canvas Collection
Beehive NeedleArts carries only hand-painted needlepoint canvases.  We stock and carry hundreds of canvases in our shop.  We are able to order canvases that we do not currently have in stock, contact the shop for special orders.  

Wednesday Stitch Nights  -the ‘hive is buzzing!
Beehive NeedleArts is open on Wednesday evenings until 7pm. This informal stitch gathering provides a wonderful opportunity for sharing ideas and experiences, stitching tips and fiber choices in a fun social gathering for needlepointers of all abilities.

Stitch Groups
If you have an established stitch group or a special stitching event and would like to utilize our classroom space for your group, please contact us!  If you are interested in a specific group class level or needlepoint topic, please e.mail us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

We offer a vairety of stitching classes for different abilities.  All classes are listed on our
Calendar  section of our website.  The registration for each class will be outlined with each class description. We encourage you to sign up as soon as possible because space is limited and materials may need to be ordered. Please call to sign up for classes: 412-343-4630.

Class Cancellations
If Beehive NeedleArts cancels any class -for any reason, your money will be refunded in full. Students must claim their refund within 30 days of cancellation.
In the event of inclement or dangerous weather conditions, Beehive NeedleArts will schedule a “rain-date” for the missed session. If you are unable to attend the rain-date, please request a refund for the missed class.
Waiting Lists
If a class has filled, your name will be placed on a waiting list for that class and will notify you by phone if a space becomes available. If you do not make it off of the waiting list, with your permission we will place your name at the top of the next available session of that class.

Beginner’s Needlepoint
Learn the essentials to get you started on a first needlepoint project. With your first purchase of a kitted project, you will reiceve a complimentary half hour lesson -a thirty dollar value.  We will cover the basic needlepoint stitches -basketweave, tent and continental & how to use them.

Embellishment Class
Fee: Thirty Dollars per Half-Hour Session.
Bring your current pro
ject or start a new one and enjoy the guidance of one of our instructors. The class will guide you to fabulous stitch and fiber combinations.

Private Lessons
Fee: Thirty Dollars per Half-Hour Session.
Available for any stitching ability, by appointment only please.

Our No-Return Policy
Beehive NeedleArts offers the finest fibers and canvases.
We have a strict no return or exchange policy.
Our pledge to always sell clean, new and unused materials.